Our spam policy is very simple:


This spam policy applies to ALL users of the website. has a strict anti-spam policy. If we receive spam complaints concerning any user or advertiser on our site that users account will be terminated without notice. We will before terminating any account record email and any other personal information we hold on said user and forward it to the complaining party should they wish to take legal action. We may also look up and inform your internet service provider

Spam Complaints From The Public

If you believe one of our members or advertisers has sent you spam please contact us giving us as much detail as possible and we will look into it.

Newsletters/Mailing Lists

ALL newsletters run by are double opt in in accordance with European anti-spam laws. No user will be added to any list before clicking a confirmation link emailed to tem at the time of sign up. We may contact advertisers on our site with regards to listing transactions on our site. These are NOT mailing lists they are emails sent out by the site when certain actions take place.


This spam policy may be changed at any time without notice so please refer to it regularly,